The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

If you’ve never hired a professional carpet cleaning service before, it may feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark when hiring one for the first time. Instead, equip yourself with the right knowledge and questions to ask your carpet cleaners with our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Company.

Are the technicians trained and certified?

Yes, there really is a certification program for carpet cleaning professionals! In order to ensure the work your carpet cleaning company knows their stuff, check to see if the technicians are certified and have completed hands-on training. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. Carpet cleaning technicians who are IICRC certified learn about different stains and their treatment methods and have been trained in the proper use of the chemicals and equipment they use.

Is the company bonded and insured?

Checking to see if your carpet cleaning company is bonded and insured is another step to verify that the company is a credible and established business that you can trust. A reliable cleaning service will also run background checks on their employees. Checking on these details will give you peace of mind when allowing someone from that company into your home.

Do they have experience and good reviews?

Quality work is a result of good education and experience. Looking into how long a company has been in business is a good practice to ensure you’re getting the best service. Reviews are another way to discover the level of work they do. Check out the company’s Facebook, Google page or Angie’s List profile to find reviews. While these online tools are very helpful, don’t forget about checking them out the old fashion way – ask your friends and neighbors! Chances are people in your community can give you first hand advice on the company you’re looking into.

Are the prices too good to be true?

Price is just one factor in choosing a the right carpet cleaning company. Usually, you get what you pay for. If a price seems too good to be true, chances are it is. Don’t get hung up on choosing a cleaning service just based on the price. Think of carpet cleaning as an investment. Sometimes, “cheaper” can be more expensive in the long run. Hiring true professionals can mean the difference between a clean carpet and having to spend thousands to replace your carpets. You don’t have to do it very often, so make sure you’re getting quality work that will last.  


If you’re in the market for a carpet cleaning service now, give us a call! Or visit our website and make sure we check out first! If you have any more questions about our services or qualifications, we’d be happy to answer them for you.

Don’t Neglect Your Area Rug

Area rugs are beautiful works of art. If you had an expensive painting that got scratched, you wouldn’t just leave it, you’d find someone to repair it and take care of it. The same goes for your rug. Yes, this particular piece of art is meant to endure a certain amount of wear and tear (so don’t try to protect it from normal traffic) but by all means don’t neglect it either. Cleaning and maintenance for your area rug is highly important to prolong its life.

Bedroom With Vaulted Ceiling And Sitting Area

Area Rug Maintenance

  • Rotate your rug – One best practice for area rugs is frequent (annual) rotation. Depending on how you have your rug placed, some areas may see a lot more traffic or sunlight than others. To even out the wear and tear and avoid over-fading, rotate your rug yearly.
  • Protect with padding – Some rugs require extra padding to be placed beneath it to stabilize and protect it. Check with your retailer to see if your rug will benefit from this extra support.
  • Safely store – Before sending your rug into storage, vacuum it thoroughly or get it professionally cleaned. When storing your area rug, never fold it — always roll it. Ensure that it’s stored in a dry location. Packing it with mothballs is a good precaution against insect damage if your rug is made from natural fibers.

Cleaning Your Area Rug

  • Vacuum frequently – Vacuuming your area rug is just as important as vacuuming your wall-to-wall carpeting to remove dirt, dust, dander and whatever else may be sinking into its fibers. Handmade area rugs often allow for dirt to filter through it, so lift up your rug and be sure to vacuum underneath too! Just make sure to avoid sucking up any fringe with your vacuum!
  • Damage control – If something spills on your rug, the quicker you act, the safer your rug will be. Even just a water spill should be dried quickly using paper towels and a hair dryer. Don’t forget to dry the underside also. With other stains and spills blot up what you can immediately, then consult a professional for further stain removal steps. Trying to clean it yourself could make it worse.
  • Regular cleaning – When the time comes, most area rugs should be professionally cleaned, especially if it’s handmade. If it’s a machine-made rug, check the label for cleaning instructions.

If your area rug is in need of some tender loving care, give Morris Carpet Cleaning a call for a professional cleaning. We can pick-up, clean, and deliver it to your house or you can take advantage of our cash and carry discount (20% off) by dropping off and picking up at our facility.