Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet in 3 Easy Steps

We are incredibly lucky to live and work in McMinnville, OR. In addition to the beautiful town and wonderful community, we’re right in the middle of Oregon Wine Country! Being surrounded by some of the world’s best wine means we know a lot about Pinot and how to get unsightly red wine stains from carpet. Afterall, you can’t truly enjoy good wine if you’re worried about tiny spills. Don’t let red wine stains ruin your fun, especially during Oregon Wine Month! Follow these three easy steps to spot clean and remove red wine stains from your carpet.

Note: As with any potential stain, the faster you can start cleaning, the less likely the spill will cause any permanent damage.

Step One: Blot Away

This is an incredibly important step for preventing stains on an area rug or carpet, no matter the cause! It absorbs any excess moisture from the spill, meaning you’ll have less to clean up! Make sure you’re blotting the red wine spill, rather than wiping it. Wiping your spill only spreads the wine around. Instead, blot the wine and soak up as much as you can.

Step Two: Dilute the Wine

Being from the heart of Oregon Wine Country, we know a thing or two about good wine and we would never suggest diluting red wine. However, when the wine is on your carpet, adding a bit of cold water is a great idea! Pour just enough to cover the carpet stain. This makes your continued blotting much easier.

Step Three: Make a Paste

Here’s our secret recipe to remove red wine stains from carpet: mix three parts water to one part baking soda. Once the ingredients are mixed together, cover the spot on your carpet. Now, let the paste dry. This is a hard part because we usually want to keep working until everything is cleaned up, but you need to let it sit for a bit. Once the spot is dry, vacuum it up. You’ll be amazed to see the red wine stain disappear!

We firmly believe every true wine lover should be able to enjoy a nice glass of Pinot noir from McMinnville and Yamhill County without stressing over little spills. This Oregon Wine Month, you can relax knowing your carpet won’t be permanently damaged from a red wine stain. If a small spot turns into a bigger mess, or you’d like to start over with a newly cleaned carpet, contact the professionals at Morris Carpet Cleaning today!


6 Reasons Why Getting Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned Matters

Though it may seem like vacuuming is enough, getting a professional carpet cleaning for your home is important for more reasons than you think. Children, animals and shoes track in more from the outside world than you realize. Professionally cleaning your carpets every year may be needed to minimize the damage that’s caused for the following reasons:

  1. Carpets trap more dirt, allergens, and dust than any other place in your home. Though your carpets might appear clean, under the surface your carpet could be containing the dust and pollen that is making your allergies even worse.
  2. Vacuuming already dirty carpets doesn’t clean them. Instead, the vacuum will recirculate the dirt and allergens that are already under the surface.

  3. You might not notice the smell. Remember how Febreze failed to first sell their product when they introduced it to the market? It was due to people’s inability to smell odors in their home that they had become accustomed to. A pet’s odor can get stuck in your carpet and though you might not notice it, your guest will. Professional carpet cleaning is one way to ensure your carpets don’t smell.

  4. It can lengthen the life of your carpet. When your carpet is in a high traffic area in your home, dirt can be ground into the carpet. Every time another person walks over this dirt, it can wear the carpet down and shorten its life.

  5. Aesthetics. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can remove troublesome spots and stains that you might currently be hiding. Getting rid of these stains will help the room, and the rest of your home, feel cleaner. If you have an area rug with some wear, this can be cleaned as well.

  6. It might be in the warranty. Some carpet companies put in their warranty that a professional carpet cleaning is needed every 12-24 months in order to keep the warranty. Without a professional carpet cleaning your carpet might not be legally protected.

For more tips on how to clean carpets or to get your carpets professionally cleaned, contact us.