6 Reasons Why Getting Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned Matters

Though it may seem like vacuuming is enough, getting a professional carpet cleaning for your home is important for more reasons than you think. Children, animals and shoes track in more from the outside world than you realize. Professionally cleaning your carpets every year may be needed to minimize the damage that’s caused for the following reasons:

  1. Carpets trap more dirt, allergens, and dust than any other place in your home. Though your carpets might appear clean, under the surface your carpet could be containing the dust and pollen that is making your allergies even worse.
  2. Vacuuming already dirty carpets doesn’t clean them. Instead, the vacuum will recirculate the dirt and allergens that are already under the surface.

  3. You might not notice the smell. Remember how Febreze failed to first sell their product when they introduced it to the market? It was due to people’s inability to smell odors in their home that they had become accustomed to. A pet’s odor can get stuck in your carpet and though you might not notice it, your guest will. Professional carpet cleaning is one way to ensure your carpets don’t smell.

  4. It can lengthen the life of your carpet. When your carpet is in a high traffic area in your home, dirt can be ground into the carpet. Every time another person walks over this dirt, it can wear the carpet down and shorten its life.

  5. Aesthetics. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can remove troublesome spots and stains that you might currently be hiding. Getting rid of these stains will help the room, and the rest of your home, feel cleaner. If you have an area rug with some wear, this can be cleaned as well.

  6. It might be in the warranty. Some carpet companies put in their warranty that a professional carpet cleaning is needed every 12-24 months in order to keep the warranty. Without a professional carpet cleaning your carpet might not be legally protected.

For more tips on how to clean carpets or to get your carpets professionally cleaned, contact us.

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