5 Reasons You Need a Pro to Clean Your Floor Grout and Tile

Have you noticed your kitchen floor grout and tile looking dirty? Before you get out your trusty sponge and bucket of water, consider calling a professional to clean your floors. Hiring a professional will save you time. It can also ensure your floor grout and tiles are thoroughly clean without any extra damage.

1. Pros use the proper cleaning solutions

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: using the proper cleaning solutions for grout is the best way to clean it. This means the all-purpose cleaner from the store won’t do the job well enough and your grout won’t be cleaned properly. Professionals know which cleaning solutions will truly clean your floor.

2. Pros don’t just use bleach

Bleach is a whitening agent. It might make your floor grout and tile look nice but it won’t clean anything. So while your floor may be presentable, the bacteria and dirt is still there. Getting your floor properly cleaned solves the problem, instead of just masking it.

3. Pros know the newest products

So many cleaning products are acidic, which can eventually break down your tile sealers. Professional cleaners, though, know about neutral floor cleaners. These are low on the pH scale and won’t cause any damage to your floor grout and tile. They also contain degreasing agents to help break down dirt and grease without harming the grout.

4. Pros will get rid of mold and mildew

You probably don’t want  mold and mildew in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in your house. When you’re cleaning on your own, you might miss a few spots. Leave it to professionals to get every inch of mold and mildew out of your home.

5. Pros won’t damage your floors

Bleach and oxyclean cannot get rid of any bacteria, dirt, mold or mildew. What they can do is potentially harm your floors. They can break down the sealers and slowly cause your grout to disintegrate. Hiring a professional who knows the right products to use keeps your floor tile and grout in better condition for longer.

A dingy, discolored and dirty floor doesn’t have to be your reality. Hiring a professional cleaner will save your time and save your floors from harmful products. Your tile will be shining by the end of the summer if you call Morris Carpet Cleaning todayGet 10% off in the month of August!

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