Back to School: Studying Students Need Clean Carpets

You know that nagging feeling that keeps you from getting anything done when you’re surrounded by a mess? Well, kids can get that feeling, too! Good study habits aren’t just about getting homework done on time. They also involve having the perfect study space to stimulate productivity. Here’s how clean carpets can actually help your young scholars do better in school:

Cleaner carpets, fewer distractions

A good study spot helps someone concentrate better. Of course, what this area looks like may differ from student to student. For example, one child may want an iPod and headphones for background music. Another child may need complete silence to think. On thing is constant, though, all studying students benefit from a clean space. Clean carpets eliminate the distraction of noticing a spot or stain in the middle of a tough math equation.

Spread that project out

No matter how big a study spot is, desk space will always be limited. You’d be amazed by how fast a major project can take over every surface! Sometimes, the carpet is just a better place to dive in and complete a project or get comfy with a reading assignment. But this can only happen if your carpets and floors are clean. After all, you don’t want your child to turn in dirty homework! It’s also important to protect the carpet so remind your young Picasso to put down some newspaper before starting anything with paint or glue.

There’s no time for sneezing

Back-to-school season is often back-to-extracurriculars season as well. That means soccer practice, football games and band rehearsals are in full swing again. All this activity means your family is tracking more inside the house, bring outside allergens in with them. Dust mites and ragweed are common allergens in the fall that can often get trapped in carpet fibers. In this busy season, your student-athlete-musician can’t afford to start sneezing! Makes sure to get your carpet deep cleaned to get rid of all distracting allergens.

A clean carpet can’t guarantee straight a’s, but it can help your students get on the right track! Call us today for a thorough professional carpet cleaning so your kids can start hitting the books!

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